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The following is the archived version of the Pickup Comparison Chart. The B/M/T numbers have since been re-worked by our engineering department. Seymour Duncan Vintage fender guitars pickup specs and

info. vintage guitars collecting info. Private vintage guitar collector. Fig. 1 Wiring diagram courtesy of Now that we’ve explored a mod for the Fender Mustang (“Rewiring a Fender Mustang”), let’s turn our attention to another of

the company’s outlaw guitars—the Jaguar. Although the Jaguar never achieved the enormous success of the Strat or Tele when it was released, in recent decades it has become an iconic model for indie rockers Feb 26, 2018 · These Duncan Designed pickups come stock with the current production Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar. Before buying the Squier Jaguar I already had a set of Fender Pure Vintage 65's on hand , which I wrote about here, and so this review is mostly a contrast against that set. As with the Squier VM Jazzmaster, the Duncan Designed bridge is wound very hot relative to the bridge. Custom Guitar and Bass Necks and Bodies, Pickups, Bridges, Tuners, and Pickguards at Warmoth - The Original Custom Guitar Shop! Well-made body and neck. Cool shimmery tones. Expanded tonal range via coil-tap humbucker. The key deviations from

vintage are a bridge-position humbucker, redesigned bridge saddles, a flatter neck radius (9.5", not 7.25"), and hotter-than-vintage pickups. The original Jaguar’s complex wiring 50K Linear Roller Pot for Jaguar

and Jazzmaster® Tone circuits Jan 11, 2017 · If there was one thing that I would like changed on my Strat it would be the ability to adjust the tone of the bridge pickup. I did some quick google research and came across this diagram from Seymour Duncan. Welcome to Wade's Guitar Shop USED Inventory Page! (Click here for NEW Inventory.)This list is a "snapshot" of our inventory done about

every 6 weeks. by a volunteer, and does not include our current stock of used mandolins, ukuleles, and banjos. A fourth push button control is available on American-made Jazz Basses produced between mid-2003 until 2008. Known as the "S-1 Switch", this feature allows the pickups to operate in standard, parallel wiring, or alternatively in series

wiring when the switch is depressed. While in series, both pickups function as a single unit with one volume control, giving the Jazz Bass a sound more similar

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